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    Survivors of Nigeria s baby factories share their stories
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  • Girls who fled Boko Haram attacks are being enslaved and raped by human traffickers who then sell their babies

    As 16-year-old Miriam stepped out of her tent to fetch water near the Madinatu Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Nigerias northeastern Borno state in January last year, a middle-aged woman she knew as Aunty Kiki approached her.

    She asked Miriam if she was interested in moving to the city of Enugu to work as a housemaid for a monthly salary.

    Miriam, who is now 17, wasted no time in accepting the offer and began to prepare for her trip to the east the following day.

    She told her 17-year-old cousin, Roda*, about it and advised her to approach Aunty Kiki.

    When Roda, who is now 18, met Aunty Kiki the next morning, she asked if there was a job for her, too. The woman quickly agreed, so Roda packed her bags.

    We were both very excited to travel to Enugu, Miriam says. We had suffered so much for four years and were happy to go somewhere new to start a new life.

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